Originally posted to MegsMishMash@blogspot.com on 2/23/10
Transferred to WordPress on 3/31/14

I almost hesitated to start this blog post and to start a conversation about this topic but I am sick to death frankly, of dealing with dishonest, money grubbing, back stabbing people, only out to benefit themselves. Truly.

Though this Blog on Ethics in Massage Therapy can be multifaceted, this post in particular deals with my venturing out to find jobs for new, green massage therapists. I am what I refer to as a veteran massage practitioner, having worked in the field for almost 13 years (at the time of this writing in 2010). I remember how tough it was starting out. Trying to market and advertise my new business as an independent massage therapist took creativity, smarts, dedication and DRIVE!

What I have found these days is that folks are getting into massage therapy thinking it will be GREAT money because they hear what you can earn per hour, during a massage session, but they fail to realize that as a massage therapist, you cannot/SHOULD NOT be doing more than 5 massages a day. Of course, those of us who are massage therapists know that the number of massages you do, is up to you and what you can handle but my mentality has always been do only what your body tells you, you can handle, to ensure you are giving your client or patient the QUALITY time they deserve during their session.

Anyway – I digress…the main shmeel here is that I decided I was going to create a sort of marketing business – an offshoot of my existing Healing Hands Massage Therapy home based business – and seek to find new graduates or unemployed therapists who need work and hook them up! I found a local gym in my area that was willing to sign a contract I created agreeing to have me advertise, interview and bring on new therapists, in essence, to help the gym build a massage business AND to help therapists gain employment. My larger goal through this endeavor was to educate the area in which I live, about massage therapy, and inform them that it is NOT ONLY A LUXURY – that it is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Coming from Maryland where massage therapy is widely understood and accepted, dealing with the somewhat backward perception here in Pennsylvania has been disheartening. It is not my intention at all to offend anyone by saying this. However, as an alternative healthcare provider and advocate for preventative medicine, I have found the resistance toward massage frustrating at times.

I digress AGAIN – here’s the skinny: the gym signed a contract. The therapists signed a contract. All stating that each party would take “X” amount of percentage of the cost for massage (myself included, for advertising, interviewing, setting the practice up, marketing efforts and ongoing upkeep of the therapist’s credentials, etc). Gym owner breaches contract because he’s decided he wants to cut me out of the mix and keep more of the money himself and the therapists follow suit and do the same. Neither of the therapists have given me written notice, as their contracts stipulate.

Unethical? Darn skippy! Anyone with thoughts or comments about this or advice even – please feel free to join the discussion.

Until then – Breathe deep and be WELL!

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