Posted on 5/26/10
Transferred to WordPress 3/31/14

So…today I was inspired by the thought of motherhood.

I woke up this morning thinking about yesterday, when I thought of a melt down my 9-year-old had. He spilled a whole pitcher of lemonade on the kitchen floor. I was upstairs, just out of the shower and getting dressed. From down below, I heard, “DANG IT!” in this close to tearful voice. In his voice I heard a sliver of emotional unravel and I knew if I didn’t keep it together and stay calm, that he would just come unglued and lose it. He’d been on Prednisone for 5 days for Poison Ivy. He’d been having trouble sleeping and was irritable and just teetering on the edge of a melt-down. When I walked down the hallway to head downstairs, I found him in his room, face red and tear-stained. He was just DONE. Fried. Needed ME. Needed me to hold him and to calm him – to tell him that it was OK; that I wasn’t angry. I lead him into the our master bedroom, turned up the AC a bit (it’s always 5-10 degrees hotter in his room), turned down the covers in my bed and told him to crawl in and just rest. I ran to the bathroom and ran some cool water over a rag and wiped the warmth from his skin and tears from his eyes and cheeks. I stroked his sweet babypie skin and calmed MY CHILD! I watched his chest rise and fall and his breathing slow as he calmed and drifted off into a restful state of being. I don’t think he slept but I knowhe was calm and I know he felt LOVED! There is no greater gift than the ability to calm and show love for your child.

One of the ways you can love your child is to teach them to read and to read to them. And so, this is where my journey begins in regards to constructing a hopefully publishable work of writing. I will start with a children’s book! Not sure about what yet but if anyone is listening or reading????? STAY TUNED! I will try to write a few times weekly just to journal thoughts or things that INSPIRE me to write! I hope I don’t bore you to death ha ha…

Oh and P.S. – Congratulations Lee DeWyse! đŸ™‚

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