Posted on 6/2/10
Transferred to WordPress 3/31/14

After a weekend of camping with our good friends and watching our son and his best buddy explore and play in the West Virginia mountains, I have found lots of inspiration on which to draw. All kinds of adventures and stories came out of this weekend and though I didn’t start writing THE book yet, I definitely have LOTS of ideas as a result of some of the things that we did this weekend – mostly from what Nathan and Liam got into… Caves, cow skulls, whittling walking sticks and so much more…

The topic of friendship and the way one grows and develops over time is interesting to me. Whether the friendship is that of two 10-year-old boys who have merely begun to know one another or one that has been developing and changing over 40 years, there is always something inspiring to me about the way in which people connect and show their love and admiration for one another. It takes many forms. I just find that all so cool.

Since I started blogging more regularly and friends and family have been reading them, I have gotten some good feedback and some suggestions about what to start writing. One friend in particular who knows me very well and who has shared a large chunk of my life, suggests that my children’s book must be set in a place that is very near and dear to my heart (and hers!). That is in fact where I will start! Ideas are flowing and I’m jotting them all down. Another friend (who is also my Aunt) encouraged me to finally use the talent that she feels I have always been gifted with.  I’ve mentioned her before.  I hope I can make her proud one day.

These words of encouragement from these FRIENDS are so meaningful to me and so appreciated!

Thank you!

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