Posted on 6/5/10
Transferred to WordPress 6/5/14

Today was a day of projects and chores. Nathan was at his father’s for the day and Kevin and I decided that we would get some house projects done that had been neglected. Or maybe neglected is not the right word. Perhaps, procrastinated is a better word.

The garage project is one that has been bugging me for over a year. When Kevin was in Albuquerque last Summer for his annual work conference, I surprised him with a weekend’s worth of labor in the garage. I cleaned out a bunch of it, after a friend of mine who was staying with us for a while, inspired me with some work that he himself had done while we were on vacation a few weeks before. I swept the floor, organized a few things and decided to use the few hundred dollars that I had saved from my home office massage work (we save that income for house projects) to go and buy a work bench and a few shelving units on which to store “garagey things”. 🙂 I even painted one wall to see if the color would work for a manly space such as the garage and tool haven.

By the time Kevin returned from his trip, the garage was organized and we were able to park both cars in it again! My friend helped me erect the work bench too. Since that time, more STUFF has accumulated and instead of taking the effort that was put into the garage to get it that far and finishing it off, it has collected more junk and is a complete disorganized mess. Tools are in the laundry room, in a closet upstairs, in the telephone desk, in the garage on a shelve and some are just laying around on the work bench along with various other odds and ends that don’t belong there. Today was supposed to go like this:

Meg’s To Do List:
1. Pull furniture out from the wall in Nathan’s room and strip the wallpaper border off the wall.
2. Fold 4 loads of laundry.

Kev’s To Do List:
1. Carry some things from the garage to the basement and make some sense of the garage.
Here’s how today actually went:

We got up late because…well we just did. We went to bed late and Nathan was at his father’s last night, so there was nothing to rush out of bed for. I read a chapter of my book while Kev watched the French Open. It was a nice leisurely morning. Very nice.

When we got up, we went downstairs and got something to eat. I ate a bowl of Kashi with blueberries. Kev ate two hot dogs. LOL

He filled the bird feeder and loaded the dishwasher. I folded 4 loads of laundry. We had sex. We carried the mattress to Nathan’s new bunk bed upstairs and ended up laying back in bed for another 1/2 hour. I read another chapter and he finished one he had started last night. We ran to pick Nathan up at the state line (from his visit with his Dah), then ran to the store to buy some DIFF for the wall paper border, checked out a new Italian place for dinner and went by DQ for our weekly treat night with Nay (YUM!). When we got home I went directly upstairs to DIFF the walls and I spent the next hour and a half stripping wallpaper, wiping down walls, vacuuming Nathan’s room and pushing furniture back in to its place. Kevin worked on washing, drying and folding a few loads of his own laundry. I scoured Nathan’s tub, toilet and sink and wiped down his bathroom floor, gathered all the trashcans from upstairs and took a shower. Kevin is still running laundry and did mop the kitchen floor and do some general straightening, but the garage never even got touched today. 😦

I’m not sure what kind of bartering I’m going to have to do to get that man motivated to get that garage finished but I’ll take any suggestions anyone wants to throw my way.  Don’t think I haven’t tried sexual favors.  See sentence directly after “I folded 4 loads of laundry“, above.  It didn’t work  😉

I am now lounging on the couch with my latest Jodi Piccoult book (The Pact). I am done working for the night. It is 10:23 p.m. Time to to relax…Time for a glass of wine…

Good night all you lovelies!

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