Migraines Shmigraines


Losing a whole day to a painful headache that also makes you sick to your stomach sucks.

For those of you who suffer migraines of any form or in any capacity, I offer you this new gem. It’s receiving a bunch of media press and it appears to be “headed” to the U.S.

This Huffington Post article covers the invention of a migraine headband. Check it out here (thanks Huff!): http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5069939

I have to wonder what my neurologist will make of this sci-fi gadgety-looking thing. He poo poo’d acupuncture for migraines the last time I was there! He knows I’m a massage therapist. While I respect and appreciate his own personal beliefs and practices, I will always seek alternative, non-pharmaceutical intervention for pain if I can. Until now (maybe), I’ve been taking a drug called Treximet, prescribed by my anti-Eastern modality neurologist (http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-150380-Treximet+Oral.aspx?drugid=150380&drugname=Treximet+Oral). The only side effects I’ve ever suffered with this drug are occasional soreness of my actual skin. Like to touch. And, I talk loopy on it. That’s all the time. I should clarify that. I talk loopy regularly, even when I’m not taking my migraine med. It gets worse when I’m medicated. 😛

Anyhooo- just throwing a bit of new news on migraines out there for anybody actually paying even a bit of attention to anything I ramble on about.

Let me hear from you if you know anything more about this product! I’m super curious about it myself.


About Megan Delaney

You can take the girl outta Maryland, but ya can't take the Blue Crab taste buds offa the girl you TOOK outta Maryland. In other words. I'll always be a Maryland girl. I have lived in York, PA since 2005 and to date, I've found ONE restaurant that can make a REAL Maryland crab cake. If it's eggs in chicken noodle soup you're looking for, Pennsylvania's where you'll wanna lay your roots on down. Either that or Fastnachts. They're donuts. Or so I'm told. Never had one, but man do folks go 'NACHTS' over them up here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasnacht_(doughnut) Anyway - much "about me" can be found on the pages of my blog, as I love to write about life's THINGS that happen. My goal is to touch folks through a relateable experience or make them laugh. I have an off-beat, sometimes warped sense of humor. Not everybody appreciates that I like to share my life in such a public way but I am a passionate person, with a lot to say and I love to express myself through writing. So to those of you who like and appreciate it - I express to you my absolute and genuine gratitude and thanks for following me and sharing me with friends and family. For those that don't, I offer you this quote to ponder: Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. - George Eliot - I say SCREW WRINKLES!

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  1. I resemble this remark. I get migraines too, usually predicated by allergy attacks or hormonal invasions, but occasionally induced by just plain ole, home-grown and work-fed stress. I don’t know if I could bring myself around to wearing the headband, tho. Normally, they don’t “come on” for me, they’re full-blown when I wake up in the morning… call work… pop pills… back to bed to sleep it off like a bad hangover without the benefit of the night before fun.

    I’d feel like a space-alien princess waiting to hear from the mother ship with that on my face… hmm, there’s an endorsement. Maybe I’ll try it out and see if I get a response from SETI?


  2. haha go for it. Let me know if you pick up any transmissions from SETI! Hilarious..

    And yes…STRESS is the boogar for me too. Lack of sleep, stress and sinus stuff alllll can turn into a full blown sick-ass headache. ICK. And same with me most times. Wake up at o’dark-thirty with a boomer and have to call out, pop my Rx and get back in bed.

    I can’t see myself wearing the space band either, anywhere else but home really. I’ll try anything if it’s a more natural route. The Treximet I take makes me loopy. I say crazy things on that shiz.


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