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Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. To so many, these things might come to mind: The colors red and pink. Candy hearts, chocolate and flowers. For husbands and wives it may mean the acquisitions of babysitters… getaways or romantic dinners out, gifts of certificates for massage for her and golf packages for him.

I was having a conversation with a friend who expressed, like so many others do, they feel Valentine’s Day is “just another day”. This made my heart ache. For more reasons than I can express.  I know many people feel this way and I always wish I could personally change their mind about it somehow. If I could give them just one small, feeling of love on Valentine’s Day that made them realize how unique and amazing…how useful and special they truly are, I’d love that.  When this person said this to me I responded, “You say that because there won’t be heart-shaped whole wheat pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit and coffee on a tray at your bedside, in the morning for you…Or maybe there WILL be. What do I know?! ” I laughed to myself really, because I know so little about my friend’s relationship, for feeling like I know them like I do. It reminded me, I can be so presumptuous. I checked myself.  However, their response was, their mate “doesn’t cook”.  Oh boy…

My Valentine’s Day is certainly very different this year, but I still find love all around me and reasons to share love with those I care about. There WILL be heart-shaped pancakes and dippy eggs on Nathan’s plate before we head out to his girlfriend’s baton competition this morning!  Woot!!

I haven’t written in eons. I’ve been massively dim. The juices have definitely not been flowing. But this person… This one has me thinking. And i like it.

So to you I say, THANK YOU my friend and… Happy Valentine’s Day.  Whether you like it or not 😉  And this breakfast is for you (except we both know the P’cakes would be whole wheat haha)!  No offense to your girl.