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Road Straight Trippin’


So we’re traveling to Massachusetts this weekend to visit some family and to get some help with finishing Nathan’s quilt I’ve been working on for 4 years, from one of Kevin’s aunts. Don’t judge. I started it while I was finishing my Bachelor’s and working. If I’d been diagnosed with the dain bramage prior to the undertaking, I’d have waited til after graduation to start it and would probably just be finishing it up now. Only 4 months later, instead of 4 years later.

Everwhat (that’s a Kevinism. He says it like this: EVer WHhhat)…we’ve been on the road in some pretty shitty traffic for about 9 hours now. The trip typically takes 6 to 6 1/2 hours. Freakin’ NY traffic. EVERY time. You should have heard the gems streaming from Kevin’s mouth while driving. And in the backseat, we have the 13-year-old, busting farts, reciting one-liners from Anchorman. He’s obsessed with the word “lanolin”.  He keeps saying it over and over again. He chuckles after each “lanolin”. http://youtu.be/6assm-ecPgc


At some point I checked my phone for phone messages and found a voice mail from the Junior High School, informing us of Nathans truancy today. This is the slap-happy and inappropriate kind of conversation that ensues in our car, between the 3 of us when the ride has gotten too long, bladders are full and the NY smog has rotted our brains:

Meg: (Turning to show Nathan the voice mail)  Ooooohhh.. Nathan you are truant today. You’re sick again. You’ve relapsed (referencing the excuse we used for taking him out of school last week during their shorter-than-ever “Spring Break” and our trip to Wildwood, NJ).

Nathan: You should tell them I have gonorrhea HEP A, B, C, MERSA, syphilis… (he’s learning so much in school this year). Also, this may be a reference to a Beavis and Butt-Head video we watched while away last weekend).  Here are snippets of the video in two parts (total of about 7 minutes).

Kevin and Meg: (Recalling Beavis and Butt-Head video.  Laughing).

Kevin: PARVO…

Nathan: What’s PARVO?

Kevin: I knew a woman who had PARVO. (Smiling).

Meg: Oh my God Kevin that’s not funny. Why are you smiling?

Kevin: It’s a dog disease.

Meg: I thought it had to do with eggs or chickens.

Kevin: No. Dogs.

Nathan: So did the lady and the dog get it on and that’s how she got it?

Meg: 😳

Kevin: Um. NO.

Meg: I saw a dog and a cat getting it on once though.

Nathan: Oh my God, you did? Was it a big dog?

Meg: No it was a pug.

Nathan: (Laughing hard) Was the cat accepting it?

Meg: (Also laughing hard). No! You know how dogs are just kind of humpy? He was kind of just doing that to the cat. The cat was kind of just tolerating it. There was no penetration. No intercourse.

Kevin: It was outercourse.

Nathan: (Dying in backseat).

Nathan: What color cat was it?

Meg: 😳

Kevin: Owwwwooo (Beavis and Butt-Head video reference again…)

Nathan: Lanolin.

My life with these two… I freakin’ love it. We are constantly entertaining ourselves, even when we don’t realize it.

Breaking Tradition – An Easter Away From Home


Crying Angel

Weep long, then breathe deeply. This is the soul shedding its skin in order to live again. – ME

This thought filled my head on 3/7/14 in the wee hours. But honestly???? the last month has been filled with so many family deaths, death-a-versaries and memories of lost loved ones, I guess it’s time I just put it on out there and let it drift around in The Blogaverse for contemplation.

I haven’t cried much but I feel like I should have.  Or should be.  Maybe it’s because the older I get the better I understand death.  I understand that I can’t control it.  I understand that while our physical bodies die and cease to exist, our souls live on and I believe parts of us are even reborn.  This to me is a good thing.  Maybe that’s why I don’t cry so much about death anymore. I picture a pretty wicked awesome party pad packed with souls I love, in perfect form, doing all the things they love to do, floating around in whatever plane exists for the “afterlife”.  It’s not a scary thing, because God is in control. The way I believe and understand God and death may be different than what some believe or what some religions teach, but in my heart and soul, this is what I believe.  Anyway…

I imagine it will be different when I lose a parent.  This is not something I look forward to and for those friends and cousins who have recently mourned the loss of their mothers and fathers (there have been 6 in the last month I can think of), know that I love you and have been thinking of you.  I hope you have allowed yourself a good healthy cry and good deep breath.


NOTE:  This quote post somehow never got published here on WordPress.  I know it made it on FaceBook like I meant to post it here too, but somehow, as I just got on to blog tonight, I saw it wasn’t listed in my recent posts.  Hmmm… anyhooo… it’s here now.  Happy Easter all!

Weep long, then…