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Crying Angel

Weep long, then breathe deeply. This is the soul shedding its skin in order to live again. – ME

This thought filled my head on 3/7/14 in the wee hours. But honestly???? the last month has been filled with so many family deaths, death-a-versaries and memories of lost loved ones, I guess it’s time I just put it on out there and let it drift around in The Blogaverse for contemplation.

I haven’t cried much but I feel like I should have.  Or should be.  Maybe it’s because the older I get the better I understand death.  I understand that I can’t control it.  I understand that while our physical bodies die and cease to exist, our souls live on and I believe parts of us are even reborn.  This to me is a good thing.  Maybe that’s why I don’t cry so much about death anymore. I picture a pretty wicked awesome party pad packed with souls I love, in perfect form, doing all the things they love to do, floating around in whatever plane exists for the “afterlife”.  It’s not a scary thing, because God is in control. The way I believe and understand God and death may be different than what some believe or what some religions teach, but in my heart and soul, this is what I believe.  Anyway…

I imagine it will be different when I lose a parent.  This is not something I look forward to and for those friends and cousins who have recently mourned the loss of their mothers and fathers (there have been 6 in the last month I can think of), know that I love you and have been thinking of you.  I hope you have allowed yourself a good healthy cry and good deep breath.


NOTE:  This quote post somehow never got published here on WordPress.  I know it made it on FaceBook like I meant to post it here too, but somehow, as I just got on to blog tonight, I saw it wasn’t listed in my recent posts.  Hmmm… anyhooo… it’s here now.  Happy Easter all!

Weep long, then…