You can take the girl outta Maryland, but ya can’t take the Blue Crab taste buds offa the girl you TOOK outta Maryland.

In other words. I’ll always be a Maryland girl. My husband, son and I have lived in York, PA since 2005 and to date, we’ve found ONE restaurant that can make a REAL Maryland crab cake. If it’s eggs in chicken noodle soup you’re looking for, Pennsylvania’s where you’ll wanna put your roots down. Either that or Fastnachts. They’re donuts. Or so I’m told. Never had one, but man do folks go NUTS over them here (  But honestly, for my money, I’d go Dunkin’ any day.  And besides, if a Blue Crab and a Fastnacht had a throw down, a Blue Crab would totally win. On account of the pincers and all.  I mean really, what’s a Fastnacht going to do?  Sugar the crab to death?  That’s just silly. We all know Old Bay goes on Blue Crabs, not sugar.

Anyway – much “about me” can be found on the pages of my blog, as I love to write about life’s THINGS that happen.   But in short, I’m married and have one kid who changed my world the day I found out I was pregnant.  I’ve been married and divorced a few times, traveled a bit, just finished my bachelor’s at age 45 (a fact of which I am very proud!), love to cook and eat, am a free-spirited, unfiltered person with a big mouth who is genuinely always trying to learn how to become a better version of myself, in spite of  myself…

I’m a massage therapist by trade.  I’ve been touching people (in a non-creepy way) for 17 years.  Healing Hands Massage Therapy is my business name (you can find my bio at, if you sincerely must know more about my life as a massage goddess.

I have another goal too though and that’s to touch folks through writing.  I hope that I can convey relateable life experiences through writing and make people laugh, think and want to share theirs as well.  I love a good conversation!

I have an off-beat, sometimes warped sense of humor. Not everybody appreciates that I like to share my life in such a public way but I am a passionate person, with a lot to say and I love to express myself through writing. So to those of you who like and appreciate it – I express to you my absolute and genuine gratitude.  Thanks for reading and sharing my blog with friends and family. For those that don’t, I offer you this quote to ponder:

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. – George Eliot –


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